What Is Interior Design and Should You Invest in it?

October 17, 2022 by vcinteriors

It’s a blessing to have a home with our own dreams. Many are confused about inputting interior design ideas into it. Here is the right place for sharing your ideas and adding up the right choices and thus getting the right decisions. Yes, you had found the right place where your expectations meet the reality of your dreams.

Interior Design is an art

Sometimes you can apply your ideas as your wish, but it may not give a final result as the best. Later you feel like joining the wrong parts of a puzzle. This is the situation where an interior designer can help you. The designer research your ideas as well as the core structure of your house so he can give the best applications which match both. Building a house and having the right interiors are like drawing a picture and giving suitable colours and highlights so as to make it attractive. Thus, interior designing is an art.

Sit out / Veranda

               A few people build sit out or a veranda for their houses. It’s doubtful some people that it is to be considered for interior design. Whatever it is, a veranda cannot be excluded from interior design as it is the front part which gives the first impression of your house. The colour of the wall, the type of chairs or benches, the carpet, the teapoy, etc gives a special look. Bamboo blinds or rolling curtains, Zebra blinds, grille, glass panes, etc are recommended instead of a complete covering wall.

Living Area

As the name says it is the place where everything is to live. As the whole family meets here, the room should be spacious and with bright lighting. The furniture should be placed in such a way that the room looks spacious enough. The most attractive place in the house should be the living room.

Dining Room

Interior Design

A lot of space in the dining area is occupied by a dining table and its chairs. They can be of plastic, wood, steel and glass. Choosing the right material according to the colour and pattern makes you feel satisfied. The patterns of wash basins and taps are of varied collections.


The modern kitchen follows the style of modules and racks. Modular Kitchen provides specialized spaces without consuming many areas of the kitchen. The more amenities you have in the kitchen, the more it’ll help you bring out your cooking skills.


Nowadays, separate bedrooms are made for each member of the family. Thus, they are to be arranged according to their tastes and likes. The kid’s bedroom, room for aged parents, master bedroom, and guest room are to be designed with the factors that satisfy the mental health of the concerned persons.

Office Room

People in high positions use a room in their house as an office. Doctors use it as their consultation room. Designing a room with respect to their profession is an art.

Interior Design Varieties

Interior Design

Modern Interior design

               It focuses more on modern amenities which enhances the beauty of each room and increases the space. Use of modern equipment, application trending paints, building a theme-based home etc some modern techniques.

Traditional design

               A few people carry nostalgic classic emotions with them which they try to apply to their dream building. It is a combo of wood and carved metal.

Bohemian culture design

               Such a design creates a bright atmosphere with fabric, wood and complete white walls. It gives a peaceful and quiet ambience. The excellency of this style lies in choosing the right fabric as well as furniture.

Scandinavian Culture design

               It is a Nordic style with less furniture but gives a wooden touch to all. It is a modern style but also recreates the old aesthetic feel like an open house.

Interior Designer

Interior design is science so the interior designers in Trivandrum have to study the plan of your house as well as your lifestyle and dreams. They take deep research on your families’ ideas and likes for a new sweet home. As they are in this field, they know the market value of each material with respect to its quantity, colour, etc. They help in maximising the space within a small sq. ft. area. They suggest you the right items within your budget and the area of your house.

Interior Designer vs Decorator

Interior Design

An interior designer studies the entire blueprint of your house as well as the wishes of each and every one in your family. So, they can give you the right options which match your ideas. On the other side, a decorator deals with decorating items which can enhance beauty. They don’t go deep into the core other than just thinking to make your home pretty with beautifying things.

Process of Interior Designing

Since the house owners are building a home with their own ideas, they are filled with interior decorating ideas too. Consulting a home interior designer, we get our ideas into a simpler form than we think and also to another higher level by their suggestions. They help in finding the proper amenities that range within our budget. Proper placing is a talent and it is the situation where an interior designer helps in finding the right place to install as the room becomes more spacious. After the installation and implementation of designs and ideas, they re-check all to assure that everything is perfect.

How to connect with VC Interiors?

With your blueprint or floorplan of your house meet us, and share your ideas and dreams along with your budget plan. We will give a detailed interior design plan to you. Let’s discuss more on it and do as per your satisfaction where your expectations and dreams meet reality.

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