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Commercial buildings have the primary purpose of making money, so commercial interior design is focused on the usability of a structure.Commercial space demands its own particular design and styling. We understand the need behind it and target for maximum impact. We provides expertise Turnkey Solutions and creative ideas to achieve the goal.


Creative office space design considerations include looking at a combination of factors including, the culture of the office, flexibility, various work tasks, and technology. These must be correlated to the individual needs of each employee, project teams, and management. The evolution of office design in the last 15 years has shifted to that of open concept office spaces. We provides expertise Turnkey Key solutions and Creative Ideas for your office space needs

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Modular Kitchen, Home -Theater, Living Room & Bed Room Furnishing, Modular Wardrobes,Landscaping & Swimming Pools, we have covered everything for your home furnishing needs. Not only furnishing, we design the perfect lighting for the ambiance you seeking. You can either choose from our products or we will completely customize for your design needs.


The internal acoustics of a space are often overlooked in the design stages, but in terms of the end user’s experience, they can be just as important as the aesthetic or ergonomic factors. Whether you want to design a home theater, meeting rooms, a school or an apartment block, our  expertise in consultancy comes in understanding appropriate design targets to set for the specific use of a space or building, and in knowing what constructions and materials can be used to achieve them. We can guide you to chose the right acoustical materials as per your requirements.

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We provides optimum lighting solutions with professional lighting equipment from various brands.We also know how lighting affects people at work, at home, at school etc – not just inside but for outside spaces too. This equips us to shape solutions that are as positive for people as they are sustainable for the environment and for businesses. We also provide Design, Execution, Supervision , Maintenance and Value Engineering of all HVAC Projects.


We offer professional landscaping services to map out and design the land elements and features around homes.Instead of viewing landscape as a separate entity, we believe that it is a continuation of the architectural design. Private swimming pools, swimming facilities, aquatic parks and spas have become more and more widespread in recent years and have become important elements within the urban fabric of our cities as well as social hotspots. We  provides concept, outline, detailed design and specifications for swimming pool construction.

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