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It’s easy to get carried away with the idea of decorating your home. The rest of the family may have had a hand in choosing the furniture and while they might be happy with their choices, you probably wouldn’t be. That’s because there are several different things that need to come together in order for you to create a wonderful interior design. Here are some common interior design mistakes and how you can fix them so that your beautiful home shines like no other.

1. Poor Layout Plan

Interior Design Mistakes

A poorly designed interior is like driving without a map. You might get to your destination, but you may end up taking many wrong turns on the way. So, no matter how big or small your project is, always make sure to follow a design style and pattern for the interior to look cohesive.
When designing a home interior, it’s important to remember that no two rooms are alike. One can’t simply copy an existing style and expect the new space to look like its predecessor. Instead, it helps to take the time to plan out each space before you start painting or building anything – this will help ensure that there are no small details that get overlooked and make you wish you had spent more time planning your design before moving forward.

2. Furniture That’s the Incorrect Size

Interior Design Mistakes

Everyone wants to have a unique home. If your apartment is small, it’s one of the most common interior design mistakes we make: everything is pushed against the walls. You should have furniture pieces that create interest and float in the room. One way you can add visual interest is to keep two chairs in the middle of the room. For the right spacing, make sure there is enough room for people to walk freely around your living room, but leave at least 14-18 inches of distance between the sofa and coffee table so that you can reach your coffee easily.

3. Too Many Colors and Patterns

Interior Design Mistakes

Imagine a room with too many colours and patterns, yes, it does lack character and interest. It doesn’t express your taste or individual style and also may not match your home style. Add a colour that fits your home’s entire design plan or your taste rather than trying to fit the furniture piece into each of its possible colour schemes.

4. Poor Lighting

Interior Design Mistakes

Lighting is one of the most common interior design mistakes. It is an aspect you should check in your home, as it can significantly improve or ruin the room. Before even moving into your new home, make sure that it has comfortable and well-lit lighting that includes task, ambient and accent lighting. Also, a combination of wall lights, table lamps and overhead lights will provide even lighting that allows you to move around and run your daily activities safely.

5. Crowded Art

Interior Design Mistakes

Hanging a drawing or painting on the wall is an art in itself. With your personal art gallery, you can turn any wall of your home into a cherished space. Whether they are a rare oil painting or your family photo, too much placement of art on the walls should be avoided.

A proper furniture layout and detailed drawing for home interiors by an expert and close discussions on it can avoid such design mistakes. Having a proper plan and just following it with precision can ensure the best results when choosing a professional interior designers in Trivandrum.

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