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Interior design: Choosing an interior designing company is an important one. Your home is a place where you have to live for a long time. Therefore, there is no room for mistakes or doubts. You have to hire a company with a very creative team. They should be capable enough to design all kinds of spaces. They also have to be adaptable to changes and identify new trends so that they can stay relevant. Sustainability is another feature that clients are looking for in interior designing these days. Thus, eco-friendly designs are preferred. Good operational knowledge of design and technology is also necessary. Furthermore, only an organized interior designing team can make sure that the projects are done on time and within budget. If these are some of the qualities you want in your interior designing team in Kerala then VC Interiors is your best option and here is why:

We Adopt Diverse Interior Design Styles

Our interior design team has a great understanding of a wide diversity of aesthetic features, styles, and techniques.  We look beyond our personal preference and trademark designing and make sure to incorporate diverse styles in accordance with the needs of our clients. This makes sure that each of our works is different and it does not look like one work is a copy of previous work. This is a problem many designers encounter. We study current trends such as contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian, chic etc. We do not limit our styles to these as we know there is many to explore. We take several elements from different styles and incorporate them into one design in such a way that the overall result is a seamless union of everything. We always keep an open mind to new styles and ideas and are not influenced by one particular style.

We Take Inspiration from Everything

We believe that the world around us is a very inspiring place. Everything that we see or touch can give us a potential idea. Therefore, we make sure we are open and receptive to all these creativity triggers. We can draw inspiration from literally anything ranging from a work by our contemporary, a design magazine, nature, etc. We also take ideas that have worked before and make them better. This is because we believe that designing cannot always be new. Sometimes it is something that is right in front of you but just requires some modifications.

We Are Objective

We understand that not all our creative new ideas might be good for the client. So, we take client feedbacks objectively and make changes accordingly. We make sure that we understand what the client wants in their vision for the project. We then adopt an approach that is approved by the client. This makes sure that there is no difference of opinion.

We Focus on Color And Lighting

Color and lighting are often not given much importance in interior designing. However, that is not how we function. We take time to consider the color palette and lighting system of the project in the initial stages itself. This is because these two elements can ultimately change the entire outlook of the room. We decide the kind of approach we go based on the color. We use color to dictate a mood as in the end, it has to make people feel a certain way. It is very important to set the atmosphere of a living space. lighting and color help in setting this up. We assess the space and then look at what the space will be used for.

This will dictate the kind of lighting. For example, if it is a study, we have to make sure there are steady sources of lighting. We use ambient, task and accent styles when it comes to lighting to enhance the finish of a room. To give a uniform feel to the room, we go for ambient lighting. We use a dimmer system for chandeliers and other mounted lights too. Task lights are used for specific tasks such as reading or cooking. Accent lights are used to highlight certain elements or focal points in the room.

We Embrace New Interior Design Ideas and Technology

Innovations in technology are also affecting architecture and design. We use technology to better communicate our ideas and designs to them. We use 3D model walkthroughs so that the clients can get a better understanding or preview of the end design. We have also adopted BIM in our designing process. We have used technology to change the way people utilize a certain space. For offices, we use purpose-built interactive areas along with a floor design for more efficiency. We thus incorporate technological features in our interior designing in hotels, offices and homes.

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