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A foyer is a word used to describe an area that connects different rooms. It is now interchangeably used with terms such as entrance hall, hallway and corridor. It is basically the area before your living room where you welcome your guests, be it a house or an apartment. At VC Interiors in Kazhakootam, we have some cool ideas as to how to decorate your foyer so that you can make a great impression on your guests.

Foyers can be spacious enough for you to decorate them with furniture and other accessories. It can be a challenge to decorate this unique space. However, we make it easy for you by understanding what the main function of this area will be, your lifestyle and your style.

Irrespective of the shape or size of your foyer area, we have plenty of ideas to transform it so that it is a welcoming entrance to your home. Even if an apartment is small and the time is limited, you can make your foyer airy and light. Our recommendation is to add one or two statement items to the foyer. This helps to bring a customized element to your space and make a good impression as and when someone enters a home.

Our interior designers recommend our clients add storage to the foyer space. It looks bad if the foyer is filled with coats, bags and shoes scattered all over. Simple pegs will be great along a bench or small cabinets to store things. Following are some of our decorating tips for your foyer.

  • Storage

Before decorating a foyer, your primary concern should be to add storage to the space. A foyer needs storage. Take into consideration things that have to be stored such as coats, hats, bags, shoes, accessories, etc. We help our clients find a space to accommodate all these belongings without wasting the floor space.

  • Rug or Carpet

Some other things that can be added to easily decorate a foyer, is a rug, table, wall art and flower vases. A rug or a carpet with patterns and designs area good interior design idea. Stripes are also a nice option. Such simple yet attractive details will draw guests into the home.

  • Placing a Table in The Foyer

A foyer is a great place for a table. You have many options such as a console table, round table, etc. You can also keep a table towards a corner of the room or against the wall. You can then decorate this table with flower vases, candles or any other home accessories that you think will go with the interior design of the place.

  • Do Not Ignore the Walls

Walls are also an important part of a foyer. Therefore, it is not wise to ignore them. A framed mirror is a great idea to decorate the walls in your foyer. You can also use artwork or DIY elements to fill the wall.

  • Lighting

Lighting depends on the space of the foyer. If the foyer has high ceilings, then you can hang a pendant light or a chandelier. Wall scones are a great option for lighting if you do not have enough space. Wall sconces can be easily mounted on the wall.

  • Tiling Your Foyer

With VC Interiors, you do not have to go back to the old flooring for your foyer. Floor tile design is one place to express your creativity. By using such a tiling option, you will have a sophisticated yet modern and minimalist foyer. If you are going for a tile that has a monochromatic color scheme, you can then decorate the foyer with any style. Chandelier and artwork will add an element of drama to the foyer.

  • Bright and Bold Wall Papers

Even if you have a small foyer area, you can create a huge impact. This bold wallpaper can be used in a foyer of any size. You can add wallpaper of any bold color, to create an impact. To match the walls, you can add a table with a unique shape. This serves the purpose of a great décor piece and also as a great storage space.

  • Farmhouse Style

All foyers do not have to look sophisticated or grand. The style of a foyer depends on the style of your living room. For example, if your house is farmhouse style, then it makes sense to have a foyer that matches this style. A dark and narrow foyer will elements of rustic wood would be a great addition to such a foyer.

  • Table Counter Piece

If your foyer is a large open space, adding a round table to the middle of the room can be a great way to fill the space. It also gives you the opportunity to add a centrepiece such as a vase of flowers to that table.

  • Glass Foyer for a Room

If you live near the water or the beach, then you can offer a glimpse of this to your visitors, with the help of a glass foyer. An open-plan arrangement or glass windows and doors will offer a direct and clear view of the water or view near your home.

We at VC Interiors in Kazhakootam will provide foyer design ideas that will help you achieve all your objectives. From tables to seating, storage to modern design, our interior designers can cover it all. These ideas will help you transform your foyer irrespective of the size of the foyer. This will help you turn your foyer into a beautiful space in no time.

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