Being in charge of home interior designing entails overseeing both the construction and interior design aspects of the project as creating the foundation of the house is the most important aspect and then everything else follows. Project management is not as easy as it seems. Be it any home renovation and construction projects, it is not the work that is the most difficult, it is hiring a professional and a trusted contractor to undertake it. Important elements such as installing kitchen cabinets, tearing down walls, and retiling floors are simple tasks compared to the struggle of finding a reliable contractor who will complete the project on time and within budget. Therefore, finding a contractor that works well with your interior designer is important. At VC Interiors, we have access to some of the best construction contractors in Kerala. We have years of experience delivering successful projects with them. This helps us go hand in hand with the expectations of the contractor.

Our interior designers make the refurbishment process go more smoothly by listening to the wants of our clients and then creating and selecting everything for them, from lighting to wall colour. We overcome design challenges in our redesigned design ideas during the planning phase. Contractors put our design ideas into action while also addressing structural issues, such as how to open up a space without demolishing your home. The final product is a seamless blend of artistic vision and practicality. What methods do contractors use to accomplish this?

They help the designers find the existing wall studs, the water pipes, and how much labour would be involved in moving them. They help designers figure out where to safely conceal the wiring, mechanicals, and ductwork that go into creating a comfortable 21st century home while still staying comfortably within the client’s budget.

The building portion of a project can be intimidating, particularly for clients who have never done large-scale renovations before. It is that period when designs are in the process of becoming reality but are not quite finished, and the client only sees half of the picture which might be difficult for them to comprehend. It might also be challenging for a designer who only sees parts of the design. So, how can contractors help customers and designers get more done in less time?

Contractors strive to make all of the “behind the scenes” magic that our designers conjure as inconspicuous as possible by planning ahead of time and communicating throughout the process. However, for their own safety, comfort, and convenience, they advise homeowners to live off-site during big renovations. Our designers believe that living off-site can help keep the project on track and reduce stress on a daily basis. If a client wishes to remain in the home during construction, we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible, such as sealing off adjacent spaces, protecting original surfaces in common passages, and leaving a clean worksite at the end of each day.

Contractors receive extremely comprehensive drawings and specifications from interior designers in order to make an accurate quote on your home interior design project. The contractor then prices all items and orders ahead of time to ensure availability and timely delivery. If, on the other hand, the budget exceeds expectations, the contractor will provide vital advice and collaborate with the designer to develop cost-cutting options.

Our contractors and designers also prepare for surprises. This is because making a home is a complicated process and there will be many roadblocks. For example, you might have to remodel an entire wall again. This can be costly and time-consuming. Our contractors simply do not move on after a task is done. Before finishing work can begin, we must first ensure that everything is structurally sound. Our contractors collaborate with the designer to alter the timeframe and budget. If the budget is already set, we decide to devise a solution to maintain the project inside the budget. There are times when even the best of designer ideas might have flaws. But since our professionals can clearly and promptly convey the problem and collaborate on innovative solutions, these flaws can be easily resolved.

Our designers and contractors come together to perform whatever they can do to the best of their abilities for all our projects. At VC InteriorsinKerala, our goal is to help the client design a structure that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

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