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We all love a French-style kitchen. It is iconic, elegant and extraordinary. These are the exact reasons why you would want your home to have a Parisian charm. Adding French elements to your kitchen is a great way to make your home a French-style kitchen. A French kitchen is stylish in a subtle understated manner. A classic layout and a flowy design are what makes your French kitchen look effortless. Because of its characteristic form, even the colour palette of a French kitchen stands out. The kitchen also has a lot of room for details. Famous interior designers in Trivandrum like VC Interiors can help you reflect your personality in your French kitchen. This style of kitchen lets your combine both the old and new elements. You can enjoy the best of both worlds while having a piece of Paris in your kitchen interior design. Following is the guide to achieving the Parisian kitchen of your dreams.

  • Pastels for Your French Kitchen

The key component of a French kitchen is the soothing and relaxing textures and hues. You need to choose the color palette that fits this theme. A kitchen that has whites and light browns splashed around the kitchen will reflect Paris in your kitchen. You can choose a white tie with gloss for your backsplash along with white cabinets and then combine that with rustic wooden furniture and flooring. This will also make your room look spacious and will let the natural lighting in the room play its trick.

  • Bringing Warmth to Your Kitchen with Minimalism

French décor and design generally put a lot of emphasis on subtle designs. Therefore, go for a very minimal French kitchen design. Monochrome tile flooring, planters and pastel accents is signature for all French kitchens. These elements are ideal for all kinds of French-inspired interior design of kitchens.

  • Combine Old and New in the Kitchen

French interior designs are known for a great blend of old and new. With soothing hues and texture, these kitchens have beauty and balance. You can add retro vintage elements such as rustic cabinet knobs, metal accents, planters, rustic chimney, laminates of white or cream so that you can have a retro yet contemporary look. These designs will be a perfect fit for studio apartments and medium-sized homes.

  • Bringing Old Nostalgic Elements to Your French Kitchen

With a French kitchen, you do not have to worry about trends. Your kitchen can emphasize your personal style and personality. You can take your kitchen and make it completely vintage. Layered laminates, pastel and royal blue furnishings and statement lamps are some elements that you can use to decorate your vintage French kitchen while not having to worry about trends. A floral backsplash to the overall backdrop of the kitchen will give it an old-worldly look.

  • Contemporary French Kitchen

Now if you do not want the old school French look, you can go for a contemporary style for your kitchen space. A kitchen island, white or off-white laminates, will give you that contemporary touch. Such a modern kitchen style will give you enough room for experimenting. You can add elements such as accent lights or a statement lamp with cork lights. This will draw attention to these focal points in your kitchen. Soft lighting and pastel color palette are what basically forms a French décor. Thus, you can achieve a modern yet comforting space.

  • Kitchen Inspired by the French Countryside

Hand-painted wood floors are a great feature to include if you want to bring an old French countryside look to your kitchen. A bistro rattan stool will add that element of chic. In order to create the illusion of old times, you add iron scroll lighting overhead. You can complete the look by using wooden cabinetries for an overall vintage feel. Using brass and bakerite for the cabinet will complete the aged look.

  • Cosmopolitan Charm to Your French Kitchen

A very cosmopolitan idea for your French kitchen is to combine different styles. You can bring a motley of modern, vintage, contemporary and minimalist styles to your cooking space. When there is a combination of different design trends, then your kitchen will remain timeless. Chic and stylish pastel laminates and semi-rustic lights combined together will make your kitchen have that old world charm with modern elements.

  • French Styled Range Hood Makes

If you are not a fan of a monochromatic look then you can bring in an element of contrast with your color scheme. For a single-hued kitchen, you can add contrasting cabinetry, kitchen island and tile backsplash. A French-style range hood will be a unique element to your kitchen. It is a stunning architectural feature that has many uses and also looks chic. Another decorating piece that will serve a purpose is a vintage wooden planter box with herbs. It adds a rustic accent while serving a purpose. For European flair, lantern lighting can be added over the island.

All these ideas might seem daunting for a homeowner who is not well aware of the trends and nuances of interior designing. However, our famous interior designers in trivandrum at VC Interiors can keep up with all the latest French kitchen designs and guide you through the entire process of transforming your kitchen into a Parisian dream.

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