Vastu Tips: Vastu Shashtra, The Ancient Indian Science gives guidelines on how to build a perfect home. As we know the home provides people with security and property. But it also affects your state of mind more than you think. For a happy life, maintaining romance in a relationship is important. There are many ways to keep the romance alive in a relationship, but one effective way is to share love and a positive home with your partner.  This shows that a house built and designed both inside and outside in accordance with the principles of Vastu can influence the relationships, health & well -being of its inhabitants. The right bedroom Vastu for couples is just as crucial.

Vastu often enhances the positive energies in a home. In fact, the followers of ancient tradition believe that bedroom Vastu plays an important role in a couple’s romance and intimacy.  So, we the experts of VC Interiors provide you with some Vastu tips to improve your love life so that you can steer your love in the right direction.

The Best Position for Bed as Per Vastu

The first thing that you need to work on is the arrangement of your room. Because No one wants to feel blocked or obstructed when they enter their bedroom. The position of your bed plays an important role in the arrangement of your room, so make sure that your bed has been placed correctly. As per the principles of Vastu place your bed in the south or southwest area of your bedroom and make sure that it is not in the middle of both these directions. Adjusting the bed’s head towards the south will be preferable. Don’t place your bed near the door. Instead, place it in the center of the wall to give it enough space to move around. You can also lean the bed against the wall and free up the space around it. Thus there will be enough space in your room to run around freely. According to Vastu the best sleeping position for couples is to place their head toward the south or west with legs pointing towards north or east when lying down.

A Regular Shaped Bedroom

If you are moving to a new place or finalizing your new house’s design.  Then select a house with a simple bedroom. According to Vastu regular-shaped bedrooms are the best for married couples. So try to avoid bedrooms with abrupt cuts or sharp corners it will hinder sleep and take away the calmness from life. In other words, such shapes of bedrooms will create unwanted anxiety in the ambiance which can be a big bummer when it comes to bedroom intimacy.

Use A Wooden Bed to Sleep

According to Vastu, we must choose beds that feel warm, so avoid metallic beds. They’re cold, squeaky, and oh-so uncomfortable. We love beds that make us feel warm and comfortable so the preferably wooden bed is best. Also, try to avoid metal frames that are likely to conduct electromagnetic fields that can disrupt your sleep. Avoiding these kinds of beds will help to reduce the negativity of the room. As per Vastu guidelines, iron beds emit negative energy in the room that can cause stress. So Experts believe that wooden beds feel warm and bring positive energy to the rooms.  Wooden beds will absorb electromagnetic field waves. So, technically they are better choices for your bed.

Your bedroom color scheme should be in shades of red, pink, or purple

In interior design, colors play an important role. it will help in lighting up a romance in the bedroom. We must go for colors that are warm and passionate.  Our Vastu tips for a married couple’s bedroom suggest choosing different shades of red and pink. . These colors are associated with romance and passion, making them ideal for a couple’s bedroom. If reds and pinks seem too feminine for your male partner, you can go for purples and lavenders. But avoid gray, yellow, or dull colors as they will create too much excitement or make you feel unmotivated.

Avoid putting a mirror in front of your bed

Don’t place mirrors or the dressing table right in front of your bed. Because as per Vastu guidelines mirrors should not be placed on the north side of your bedroom as they may reflect negativity. Also, avoid placing mirrors or the dressing table right in front of your bed. People believe that mirrors can reflect bad dreams. Some people even cover the mirror while they sleep because, according to Vastu for couples, seeing a reflection of you sleeping is negative. Therefore, we recommend placing a mirror on a wall that does not face your bed directly. You can also arrange a mirror next to your bed so that problems don’t backfire on you.

Place Happy Pictures & Family photos must be in the southwest direction

The pictures in your bedroom can affect your relationship with your spouse. According to Vastu, the southwest direction is the best place for family pictures. Put your wedding pictures or any other couple’s pictures on the east wall. It will help create positivity in your bedroom. Avoid photos or paintings that provoke sadness or uninspiring emotions. They won’t help in your intimacy and instead bring you down with other kinds of negative energies. You can also avoid photos of deities in your bedroom.

The right place for indoor plants

Adding some greenery and flowers in the bedroom is great for romance. But Vastu provides specific guidelines for the placement of these biophilic design elements. Indoor plants can be placed in the north of the room while red roses can be placed in the southwest corner of your bedroom. Adding some flora into the room will create a calm and romantic atmosphere with the right types of flowers. So enjoy a little nature with a biophilic indoor option. A quick tip: pink roses and lilies are great floral choices for a couple’s bedroom.

Putting Red Lights In The South West Direction

As colors, the lighting in the bedroom plays an important role in lighting up romance and intimacy in your relationship. you must select the right types of light and spaces to install them. Vastu shastra suggests the use of red lights in bedrooms facing southwest. You can use a crystal chandelier or lampshade in pastel colours. The texture of the bedroom lighting should be subtle, as this will add a romantic feel to the room and help increase intimacy with your partner. Vastu Bedrooms for Couples also suggests that bedrooms should have enough natural light during the day.

Installation of lightweight modular furniture; Wardrobe must be in the south or southwest direction

Bedroom furniture is quite important; it can create unwanted clutter in the bedroom. Therefore, do not overload it with heavy and old-fashioned random furniture. You can use a selection of modular and lightweight furniture that is easy to move and arrange. Also, placing this furniture in the right direction is also important. Install your wardrobe or move the almirah facing south or southwest like in Vastu’s bedroom for a couple. You can also arrange your heavy wardrobe in the west. Choose the size of the wardrobe according to the size of your bedroom.

Vastu has been a part of our Indian tradition for decades. Even though many people don’t follow it now, believers find its meaning. Therefore, following a few simple rules to improve your love life shouldn’t be a big deal. And while true love and honesty will always be magic tips for a healthy love relationship, these extensive tips for your bedroom can help you align the right energies in your home.

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