Trendy Bedroom Wardrobe Design

The importance of wardrobe designs is often overlooked when it comes to interior designing. However, a wardrobe can make or break the look of your room. It is challenging to find a wardrobe that matches your room aesthetic, gives enough storage space, can fit in a limited space room and match your taste at the same time. The designers at VC Interiors have therefore come up with new storage solutions in the form of customizable wardrobe designs that can increase your storage space while not compromising on the aesthetics. VC Interiors have come up with a range of trendy wardrobe designs that are not just practical but are so beautifully crafted that they become a part of your décor. Following are some of their trendiest wardrobe designs:

Wardrobe Designs

Sliding Wardrobe Designs

Unlike traditional wardrobes, these wardrobes have doors that are fixed in tracks on the bottom and top of the closet frame and slide horizontally along the track. Since there is no space wasted indoors, they tend to be larger and can contain more of your belongings. Another way in which they are useful is that they do not take up space in front of them. This makes sure that the doors do not hinder you as you move across the room. This is a wardrobe design that is perfect for small and confined rooms that have limited space to work with. You can also go for this design if you have a big room that needs a lengthy wardrobe. They are also more reliant as they do not need hinges to hold the door in place.

Wardrobe Design

Hinged Door Wardrobe

This is the opposite of a sliding door design. In this type, the door will be attached to the wardrobe on the hinge. These doors can be opened widely towards the outside at a 90-degree angle giving you a full view of what is inside the cupboard. This helps it easy to find things you need. The biggest disadvantage of sliding doors is that the view will always be concealed to an extent. This is avoided by hinged doors as you get a full view of the inside of the wardrobe. You can attach hooks to the behind of these doors and hang bags and other accessories increasing the practicality of these wardrobes. You can also customize the interior of these wardrobes by adding drawers, racks, hangers, etc. to be more organized.

Wardrobe Designs

Freestanding Wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes are portable. These are perfect for people who shift homes frequently for work or travel. These wardrobes offer storage space not just inside them but also on top of the cupboard. If your room has a high ceiling or just a lot of vertical space, then you can easily store your belongings on the roof of the cupboard. They also offer a variety of choices when it comes to colour, finish, door types among other things. If you are looking for a cupboard that has extra storage space but can also be easily moved, then this is the perfect design for you.


Walk-in Wardrobe

If you have a very spacious room, then it can be perfect for a walk-in closet. These closets can make your room look sophisticated and organized. These closets can store all your belongings such as jewellery, footwear, clothes, bags and other accessories. Keeping these items together in a chest of drawers and racks will make them look cluttered, unorganized and difficult to spot. The shelving options make it possible to organize everything separately but in one space. Since everything is not jammed together in one tiny space, organizing becomes easy. Since everything is organized and in full view, you can easily locate items while getting ready without having to dig through a lot of items in your closet.

Wardrobe  interior design images

Customizable Wardrobe

A lot of bedrooms have weird shapes or nooks and crannies that take up a lot of your space and are non-functional. However, VC Interiors can convert these spaces into fully functional tailor-made closets for your bedroom. Even the tightest corner can be turned into a potential storage space for your belongings. These wardrobes give the opportunity to control every factor such as the number of shelves inside, the overall design, colour, material used etc. This way, you can have a cupboard that serves all your purposes but also matches your personal style. VC Interiors can make your multifunctional wardrobes that can also be a dressing unit or a TV unit, etc.


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