kerala bedroom interior

Your bedroom is considered your sanctuary. It is that one place where you need to be the most comfortable in. To make any bedroom design cozy but also functional, we bring automation into the interior design. Smart lighting is basically smart bulbs. These bulbs are LED lights enabled by the internet. You can connect this to your WiFi network or an application on your smartphone. Our smart lighting is a very efficient way to control the brightness of your room. According to your mood and time of the day, you can dim or increase the brightness of your room by just using the respective application that controls it. If you are using devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can easily connect the lighting to these devices and control them with voice commands. We also offer the feature of mood-based lighting with which the lights will change colors ranging from warm tones like yellow or cool tones like blue or any other color of your choice. Thus, you get the complete freedom to customize your bedroom lighting based on your mood.

Our smart lighting feature is based on the different levels of brightness each function requires. For example, with our designs, you can use the dimmer switches in the morning after you wake up. A fully lit room can be harsh on your eyes but you might also need enough light to carry on your activities. We can add these to your wall or build them into the lamps as per your preference. Different functions need different levels of brightness. We also have a wireless portable version of a dimmer switch which can also work with smart bulbs.

Another one of our lighting appliances is fixtures. Some room structures would require accent lighting towards a particular spot like around your bed frame for example to create a softer and more relaxed atmosphere. A direct light source can be quite harsh. We provide you with the option to choose fixtures that provide direct or indirect lighting. We also provide the unique option of fixtures that can switch between indirect lighting, direct lighting and both.

We also have a range of decorative lights that can help you make a bold statement in your room or accentuate a unique feature in your room like an arch. Our special designs combine both the decorative and functional elements in our colour-changing lighting appliances. This will declutter your space and give it a more cohesive and neater look. We also use a wide range of materials for our lighting such as wood, plastic, non-metallic substances, metals, etc.

We have lighting designed for specific tasks as well. We have a range of task lights for activities such as reading, working, applying makeup, which can be added along with your general lighting. Our lighting fixtures can basically take any form that you want, that is, you can customize the kind of lighting needed for sustained concentration. with Interior’s smart lighting you get lights, bulbs, and lamps whose light intensity can be easily adapted, dimmed, or change colors. You can easily match your lighting to the theme of your bedroom. Using our smart technology, you can make your bedroom more relaxing and functional with just a few devices. Not just your bedroom, but we can make your entire home smart with the help of our smart home appliances such as invisible grills, smart kitchen appliances, and automation.

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