Certain bedrooms have limited decorating space. Designing such a small bedroom can be challenging and frustrating. However, with the help of VC Interiors, it does not have to be. With our years of experience, we have found some great tips and tricks to decorate your small room. It might seem like a bed is the only option you have. In fact, we take advantage of the small space to design a cozy and budget-friendly room as you do not have to waste money on furniture that you will never use.

  • Simple Layout

A simple layout can help keep things less complicated. Instead of going for fancy options such as a floating bed, you can keep the layout simple by putting the bed in the center of the main wall of the room. This is much better than pushing it against an adjacent wall. It is also better than keeping the bed in the center of the room. Centering the bed in the room would clutter it and hinder your movement across the room. When you center the bed to a wall you get space to walk on either side of the room while also giving you room to make your bed.

  • Choose Dark Colors

Even though traditionally a lot of people advise against using a dark color in a room, painting an entire room or a wall using a dark color is trendy. Your options are not just limited to neutral colors. If it is a small room, you can take advantage of the room and paint a wall a dark color like gray, olive green, etc.

  • Plenty of Light

Whatever color you give your room, be it a dark color or a pale one, if there is plenty of light source in your room it will not look dark or claustrophobic. You can add things like a decorative overhead light, chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp, reading scones, etc.

  • Colorful Accents

If you want a calming and minimalist look in your room, white is not the only option you have. You can choose cooler colors like blue or gray as opposed to warm colors. You can use black or white as a foundation then use colorful accents to layer in some color. You can use a patterned rug for a pop of color in your bedroom.

  • Use Big Furniture

A small bedroom does not necessarily mean smaller furniture. A small piece of furniture next to a large bed frame will look odd. Even for small bedrooms, you can buy a normal-sized bedframe, mattress, night table, etc. This furniture can make your room look bigger at the same time functional.

  • Create the Illusion of Space

Another great tip is to create the illusion that your room is spacious. One of the ways in which you can do this is by hanging the drapery or curtains close to the ceiling. Another good trick is to match the fabric of your curtain to the color of the wall.

  • Declutter

Decluttering is one of the easiest ways to make any given space look more spacious than it is. It is one way in which you can keep your room organized and clean. Decluttering does not mean you cannot accessorize a room. Even if you have a big room that you can accessorize a lot, it is always better to keep the clutter away.

  • Mixing Up Scales

You can mix different scales and fits them in a small room. For example, a large rug that covers the entire room or a big canopy bed. These are elements that nobody will expect in a small room hence making your bedroom unique and stylish.

  • Incorporating the Outdoors

Incorporating outdoor elements is a great way to make your small bedroom alive. A good way to do this is by adding potted indoor houseplants. Even in a small space, you can add small plants. They make your space alive, and give a pop of color as well. Even if a room is stuffy, it can look fresh with a bunch of plants.

  • Multifunctional Bed

During the daytime, you barely use your bed. So, in those times, you can arrange pillows against the wall and make a makeshift day bed/couch situation where you can lounge or even work. if you can add a small-scale coffee table or any other such interesting element, it will look like a lounge area.

  • Go For Mounted Lights Rather Than Table or Floor Lamps

If your bedroom is small, it is better not to go for table lamps and floor lamps. Whatever limited floor space you have in your room will be taken up by the lamps. A scone or another light fixture hanging over your bed will be a space saver. You can even fix a light with a swinging arm which you can use to direct light towards a certain area.

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