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Tips from an Interior Designer in Trivandrum to Increase the Value of Your House

Interior design Tips: It’s a dream for everyone to have a home – a sweet home. For a sweet home, it should satisfy many factors internally as well as externally. Color, space, comfort, ventilation, etc. are some of them. Thus, to make your dream come true here are some tips from the experts of interior designing.

6 Secret Interior design Tips

Interior design Tips #1: Spacious Rooms

A congested room makes too much discomfort especially when they have a lot of furniture in them. So, by having proper furniture in proper places, we can increase the space of a room. Implying a specific pattern for furniture arrangement and painting on a special colour code creates a huge impact on the appearance of your home. It will give a comfortable and pleasant feel to you.

Tip #2: The private space – Bedroom

Bedrooms are meant mainly for relaxation. Limited storage in the wardrobes may create a mess in the bedroom. Creating more storage within your current closet will lessen it. Likewise, the new models of beds consist of slidable storage space underneath them. Such storage spaces increase the bedroom area. Therefore, find suitable suggestions about the wardrobes, beds, wall themes, cupboards, etc. from V C Interiors.

Tip #3: Kitchen – the divine room

The health and hygiene of a family should start in the kitchen. The arrangement of sinks, stoves, cupboards, racks and other kitchen gadgets and appliances should be properly placed as for convenience and easiness to reach. The new customized modular kitchen is cost-effective and great in appearance. Kitchen appliances are to be updated as per its upgradation and it makes the kitchen works easier.

Tip #4: Storage gives comfort

Creating storage effectively is a talent. Be it under the stairs or a random pullout; the racks or the appliances that can be used for multi-purposes. V C Interiors can help you create a manageable and well-organized home.

Tip #5: Eco-friendly and energy-efficient

Eco-friendly items like solar panels add more value to your home. The right replacement of old and worn electrical appliances and LED light fixtures would bring down the electricity bill and also save energy efficiently. Some indoor plants give attraction as well as freshness to the room. The arrangement of eco-friendly rugs and carpets is essential to go green.

Tip #6: Smart technology, Smart home

The new day gizmos and gadgets are something that makes your home smart and style. V C Interiors helps in suggesting new technologies to make your home not only sweet but smart and style too…

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