VC Interiors Develops Home Interior Design Packages With Our Clients

When you decide to hire an interior designer for your home, it is important to find somebody in your budget. This does not just mean their fee and whether it comes within a budget. This is important because often designers work only with a certain fixed budget and they do not go below that. But at VC Interiors, we offer interior designs packages at different budgets. We have a budget package, a premium package, and a luxury package. However, we also understand that the budget can evolve as the interior designing progresses. Instead of forcing a budget on you, we help you to have a realistic budget for the project to work. This involves looking at factors such as what style you want, level of finish, and the time within which you want it to be done. We have a detailed process by which we help you to arrive at your budget. Let us take a look at what this process entails:

  1. Finding Your Aesthetic

The very first step towards a design budget starts with the vision you have for your space. We ask you to find images that inspire you, concepts you like, etc. We take a look at elements such as whether you want inbuilt shelves or floating shelves, layered draperies, regular curtains or shades, if you like the minimalistic style or maximalism or a balance of both, etc. These questions are very important in deciding your final budget.

2. Space Plan

We help you make a well-developed space plan so as to get an idea of all the pieces of furniture and other elements that you may need in a particular space. We look at details such as rugs that need to be used, whether there will be lamps on the surfaces, plants, pots, tables, chairs, etc.

3. Quality and Durability

We also ask you about the level of quality and durability that you want in your home. For example, if you have kids, do you want materials and fabric that can be easily cleaned and can resist wear and tear or if you have furniture that will be exposed to a lot of furniture, do you want it to be resistant to that, etc. Factors like this determine how durable your interior design will be.

4. List Products and Needs

We need a detailed list of all the furniture and other elements you need. You can list if you want to incorporate smart home appliances like smart lighting that you can control on your phone or if you need smart kitchen appliances like invisible grills if your need is an appealing yet functional kitchen, etc. You can research product prices online. These items greatly influence your ultimate budget.

5. The Final Budget

In our spreadsheet template, we provide the price of each item in each column or category. You can consider other miscellaneous costs such as tax, shopping costs, installation charges, accessories, built-ins, etc.

Our budget planning can be a valuable resource when you start your interior designing project. You can easily get a breakdown of the standard costs associated with interior designing. You also get a fair idea of costs included in manufacturing, labor requirement, level of quality, etc.  

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