Smart Bedrooms

A smart bedroom is a space where you use technology to carry out your usual activities effortlessly. Things that you normally do in your room such as sleeping, relaxing, playing games, surfing the internet, etc. can be easily connected into one network. VC Interior’ssmart bedroom designs are made to make your life easier and comfortable. We have a variety of devices that you can use to make all your living spaces better and not just your bedroom. We offer services such as smart home appliances, smart kitchen appliances, smart lighting, automation, invisible grills, etc.

In the smart bedroom designs offered by VC Interiors, you can use the above-mentioned elements based on your particular need. For example, if your need is to get better sleep, then you have to design the room in such a way that light sources are removed. If you want your room to provide you with more entertainment, then you can add different gadgets that can be easily controlled with your phone.

One of the important factors that affect your sleep pattern is too much light in the room. Even the light from a small source such as your phone or your computer can disrupt your sleep. This will make you tired and groggy in the morning and affect your entire day. With our smart lighting technology, you can connect every light device in the room to one device. We have a range of sleep-enhancing lighting systems. Using this, you can drift off to sleep easier at night. You can also use it to help you wake up better in the morning. Once you sync this to your phone, then you can control the light with your phone. You can also get it to sync with your device’s alarm so that the lights lit up along with the alarm. This will make it easier to wake up. These lights also let you adjust the color and brightness according to your mood. If you want mood lighting for watching a movie or if you need something brighter for working, you can easily change it with just your phone.

Smart lighting is another one of our lighting technologies that can help you sleep better at night. When you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or get up to get a glass of water, you can use smart lighting instead of flooding your whole room with light. The smart lighting only gets activated when you are up and moving around the room and not when you sleep. The functionality of these devices is not limited to just the bedroom but can be used in the rest of the house.

A smart lamp is another versatile option that we provide. These can be used for activity-specific needs. Like for example, if you want to read in bed, you can use these smart lamps. You can also use them along with mood lighting. They can be designed to be on and off on the basis of various sensors rather than a switch. This is particularly useful when you drift off to sleep. The light will automatically turn off once it senses that you are asleep. This makes sure that you do not wake up later from the light. At the same time, it saves you energy and money.

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