Interior Designing in Trivandrum

Interior designing Trivandrum: There is often a lot of ambiguity regarding how interior designing and interior architecture perform. This also includes the different functions and services provided by an architect and an interior designer. This varies on the company you choose to build your home. Some of them offer architects who only do work that is related to the architecture of the building while some provide only the design aspect of it. There are also services where one person has enough expertise to do both. That being said, there are certain primary differences between what an architect does and what an interior designer does

Interior architecture

Interior architecture basically involves building an empty space while balancing planning as well as execution. They create new spaces that you can live in and make your own. An architect will make the designs of the home, review them, and then supervises the construction of these buildings. When they are given a space, they try to make a building that is functional. Every small work associated with the exterior of a building is dealt with by an architect. They also have the responsibility of making the basic structure of a building or a blueprint. This work includes how the rooms are placed, dining area, garden, and make appropriate space as per the needs of the client. For example, if the client needs a study, the architect has to figure out the placement of a study in that given area.

Interior Designing

Interior designing comes in once a building is constructed, usually. Interior designers primarily accessorize and furnish the empty space created by the architect. They will beautify a given space according to the requirements of the client. They decide things such as what kind of sofas will go in a room, where they will go, which curtain or rug goes better with it, the colour scheme of the entire house, where is woodwork needed, where should pieces of furniture go, etc. Thus, they will up an empty space to make it livable.

Certain functions fall under both the heads of interior designing and interior architecture like interior tile and woodwork, interior elevations, planning for the placement of furniture, etc.

Why VC Interiors?

At VC Interiors interior designing Trivandrum, We like to have an integrated practice. This means that both these fields are interlinked and do not function differently. This means that the design process for both is more or less the same. Irrespective of whether we are working with an in-house architect or somebody from outside, we try to work together from the very beginning of the project. This prevents the architecture of the house from being a hindrance to a certain kind of interior design that a client wants.

Design consultants

Our design consultants work with the architect to ensure that the project looks cohesive. An example is that, if the client wants a window seat, we can give the architect instructions to make the architecture that fits a French window and a seating area which can later be decorated by us. We also integrate a lot of modern technology into the architecture of the building such as automation, smart home appliances, invisible grills, smart lighting, smart kitchen appliances, etc.

Modern technology

By working with the architect, we make sure that the building is custom-made to be conducive to this modern technology. Our services are customized according to the needs of the clients. For some, we make every decision for them and for others, we just guide them through the selection of furniture and other finishes, depending on what they want.

VC Interiors has experts in the field who can help you find the right solutions for your space. Call us today for a free design consultation and site visit!

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