Why Invisible Grills Are a Great Option?

The invisible grill is a modern technology that is now used to replace the regular grill. VC Interiors offers a great range of invisible grills which are much sleeker and more modern as opposed to the bulky and heavy ones that we usually use. Unlike the regular grills, this modern design does not obstruct the view. These are made with tensile wires of only a few millimeters. The specialty of these grills is that they are invisible to the naked eye from a distance, hence the name. Our grills are designed in such a way that while ensuring your safety and security, we make sure that your view is not obstructed. To go with invisible grills, we have another range of smart home appliances such as smart lighting, smart kitchen appliances based on automation, etc. Following are some of the reasons why you should opt for invisible grills.

  1. Do Not Rust

Invisible grills are usually made from stainless steel with a plastic or rubber outer layer which affords extra protection to the steel. However, even stainless steel is not immune to rusting. It largely depends on the grade of steel used. At VC Interiors, we use 316-grade stainless steel.

2. Can Be Fixed or Moveable

With fixed invisible grills, they will be mounted on the wall with the help of cables. Once installation is complete, they cannot be moved. These are usually opted when there are no windows and it is just a balcony or when you cannot build an additional structure. They can only be installed on walls made of sturdy material. Sliding invisible grills are installed on a sliding window. This can be opened as you wish. However, you will need to build additional fixtures for installing them. Thus, according to the needs of your home, you can choose a sliding or a fixed grill.

3. Sturdy and Strong

They are made using materials such as stainless steel. This makes them very sturdy and strong. A certain level of thickness can hold a lot of weight. Our invisible grills are thicker than the other brands available in the market. This makes them capable of holding double the weight compared to usual ones. They are also strong enough that they cannot be cut or severed using ordinary scissors. This will come in handy if you have kids. Even if they play with scissors, you do not have to worry about the grills.

4. Different Options for Different Needs

The greatest advantage of these grills is that they can be customized as and how you want them. you might need different options if you have kids or pets. Whatever your need may be, these can be customized to fit those. If you have pets and young children, you can install wider grills. You can also arrange them either horizontally or vertically. If they are intended for balcony, it is better to go vertical. If they are built for a wider opening than a balcony, then you can opt for horizontal ones.

5. Can Be Used as a Piece of Décor

The very idea behind VC Interiors is to make designs that serve multiple purposes. Each one of the elements that we bring into our designs can be used in more than one way. Likewise, our invisible grills do not just provide safety but also serve as a great design feature. We can use them as a feature wall, indoor planter, etc.

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