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Interior Designers in Sasthamangalam: A private outdoor space is a dream for most people living in a city like Sasthamangalam, Trivandrum even if it is a tiny balcony. If you are lucky enough to have the space for a balcony then you can make the most of it with the help of VC Interiors in Sasthamangalam, Trivandrum. We can help you do more than just putting out a chair. Even if your balcony is tiny, we can help you see plenty of design possibilities. Following are some of the tips to adopt to convert any limited balcony into an aesthetic space for retreat.

  • Flooring

Flooring decisions mainly depends on the flooring that is already on your balcony and also the style of decoration you are interested in. Even if you have basic ceramic tiles, you can make them look great by adding colours and other accessories. If the flooring that you already have is in good condition, then you do not have to spend money on redoing the flooring but merely add some elements to brighten things up. But if you need to change the flooring, then wooden floors are a great option. If your balcony is small, then it will not cost you much. WPC deck tiles are also a great budget-friendly option. You can even install them over the existing flooring. Keep in mind to have a proper drainage system if you plan to have outdoor plants as you do not want water damage to your floors. You can also coat the wooden floors for heat and rain resistance.

  • Walls

A lot of houses have cramped balconies with very limited space. However, our designers can optimize the area with the right interior design. For designing walls, you can go for a green wall, or have a painting on the wall or even paint it a solid bold colour. Our interior designers can also give you professional landscape advice to choose the best option.

  • Plants

A balcony is incomplete without plants. If you do not have enough floor space, then you can use hanging plants or wall-mounted plants for your garden. Before buying plants, you need to analyze the amount of sunlight that the area gets. This way, you can choose the kinds of plants that will thrive the best for your balcony. If your balcony has shade then getting a plant that requires a lot of sunlight will not work. Likewise, an indoor plant will not thrive on a balcony with a lot of sunlight exposure. You can ask a local garden store, plant nursery or even the internet to look for plants that are ideal for your space. You can even get succulents if you want plants that are low maintenance.

  • Design

If your balcony is attached to a room, it is best to match the interior design and theme of that room. Choose a similar colour palette. This ensures a smooth transition from the room to the balcony. If the rest of your home is designed in a contemporary or minimalist style, do the same for your balcony by choosing planters and furniture that is sleek and simple. If your home has a classic style, then curved planters will look good. If you have limited space, go with low seating so that your balcony space does not look cluttered. Another space-saving hack is to use folding chairs and tables. You can easily store them away when you do not need them. You can also get furniture customized to fit your space from VC Interiors – Interior Designers in Sasthamangalam. 

  • Privacy

You can only relax on your balcony if you have privacy. Nobody wants their neighbours spying on them. You can install a wooden or glass screen in order to give you some privacy. You do not have to cover the entire balcony but certain spots so as to prevent a direct view from nearby apartments.

  • Budget

If you do not have a lot to spend on your balcony makeover, it is not a problem. We can help you find many small balconies decorating ideas on a budget. You can also DIY. For example, instead of spending money on buying new planters, you can use old utensils or pots that you can find around your home. Another idea is to grow a creeper plant instead of spending money on a screen for more privacy. You can also use wooden crates to make low seating by adding cushions. You can make a table out of a piece of old furniture and a tray. We help to create an affordable yet unique look.

Attaining a perfect balcony makeover in a limited space is a daunting task. But working with VC Interior’s professional Interior Designers in Sasthamangalam will make sure that you can optimize this limited space into creating the most comfortable retreating spot in your home.

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