How to Design the Best Industrial Bedroom in Kerala?

August 19, 2021 by visak visak
VC Interiors
Design the Best Industrial Bedroom in Kerala

With modern lifestyle trends leaning towards minimalist and contemporary homes, we at VC Interiors have received several client requests to design bedrooms that reflect the industrial style. Industrial style is basically a combination of modern designs and old way charm. This creates a very lived-in feeling even though they are two contrasting elements. At VC Interiors, we make such bold designs work for our clients.

Our industrial style designs take inspiration from lofts in warehouses or factories and other industrial structures. It is a fuss-free design. We incorporate stripped-back details such as exposed bricks, wood, metal, salvaged and recycled materials. With this design, we offer our clients an environment-friendly bedroom. Furnishings are from reclaimed yards, yet they help to create a highly customizable look for your room that is unique.

Even though we try to keep everything minimal, comfort is prioritized. The bedroom is one of the most lived-in personal spaces of a house and therefore, comfort has to go hand-in-hand with keeping it simple. We use furniture that has a simple design but with upholstery that comes in neutral colours and textures. Following are some of the elements that are key to an industrial style bedroom:

  • What makes an industrial design is its simplicity. It consists of neutral colors and unique textures. This design easily goes with lighting, décor and furniture.
  • Irrespective of the simple elements, industrial designs are bold. The combination of modern and timeworn creates a bold statement.
  • It is one of the most environment-friendly approaches to interior designing as it mainly uses recycled materials or salvaged materials.
  • Natural-looking elements with bare finishes and materials are key to this style as opposed to having a polished look.

Some of our most commonly used elements for creating an industrial style bedroom are, brick walls, floors that are not polished, wooden bed, iron pipes on the wall, woollen throws, suede material, etc. to create that house in an old factory feeling.

Industrial design does not mean monochrome. These designs complement colour. You can use a concrete wall, a velvet wingback chair, steel hover lamp, steel and copper accented furniture and velvet futon to give you a rich yet lived-in feeling. Mismatching is also a trendy element when it comes to industrial style. You can use stained glasses instead of the long factory windows. You can use floorboards, grate ceiling fan and combine several patterns. Combining all of such different elements will make your room mismatched on purpose. You can use different shades to declare industrial style. For a sophisticated looking room, you can combine elements such as a multi-layered brick wall in grey, photographs with greyscale and a mottled rug in a darker shade. You can add elements of brown and white in your bed duvet, wardrobe and floorboards.

A neutral colour scheme is very important for industrial style bedrooms. Brown, beige, grey and white is some of the colours to go for. Pops of colour can be added in the form of accents. This will brighten the room without overshadowing the other elements in the room. Simplicity should be reflected in form, function as well as material. Furniture that has clean, sleek lines and no-frills should be used. It is key to avoid carvings or ornamentation in furniture.

Even in this basic and functional style, you can add a few statement pieces. Invest in chic designer furniture like a chair with an interesting silhouette or a peculiar-shaped lamp. Striped-down unfinished elements like unpolished concrete surfaces, exposed brick walls, raw wooden elements, and exposed pipes and ducts can bring you that old warehouse look. Repurposed wood and metal can be easily incorporated into the décor. This also gives you the freedom to customize décor elements such as metal lamps, bookshelves made of pipes and artwork with machine parts.

Lighting also plays an important role. It has to be something that can highlight the raw unfinished factory aesthetic. You have options such as Edison light, dark metal pendants and LED fixtures to give that rustic look. Open plan layouts can be used to highlight the size of the room. This will give this the feel of a large warehouse. Screens or dividers can be used to designate areas of the house.

Most modern houses use drywall over original brick. But exposing this brick wall is probably the most central piece of industrial style. Rustic, unpolished wood and exposed metal give your regular furniture an industrial look.

In Kerala, Industrial style houses are still a very new concept. However, at VC Interiors we have a team that can make your industrial-themed home a reality. You no longer have to spend a fortune to get this style. With our ingenuity and persistence, we can deliver an industrial style room on a budget.

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